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At The Big Challenge, the goal is to help teachers motivate their students to learn English. They create fun games and inspirational events that teachers use to encourage classroom engagement in all their students. The Big Challenge contest started in 1998 and has 630,000 participants across Europe. Over 10 million games were played in the Game Zone in 2020.

Because of the COVID-19-pandemic the Big Challenge competition could be done at home or at school.

45 pupils from our school participated in The Big Challenge and did great. Our best students are Florian Gencur (Level I), Ege Sarvan (Level II), Abas Ziai (Level III). All participants got a certificate, a pencil, a poster and other prizes (e.g. English books, comics, diaries, flags, …). The best student got a power bank.

Congratulations to all our students. You did great.